Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

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What is LookSee?

LookSee is a unique talent matching platform which links highly skilled professionals from around the world with outstanding job opportunities in New Zealand.

Our dedicated LookSee Talent Team work closely with New Zealand employers to understand their recruitment needs and help them find candidates with the skills and experience to match.

Who is LookSee for?

LookSee is for employers throughout New Zealand that are looking to recruit talent from offshore when that talent can’t be found onshore.

The LookSee Talent Team work closely with New Zealand employers to understand their recruitment needs and help them find LookSee candidates with the right skills and experience.

LookSee caters for skilled, mid to senior level professionals with several years’ experience.

How do I find the right candidate for me?

There are two ways to find the right candidate via LookSee – by Recommendation from our Talent Team or by searching in LookSee Groups.


If the LookSee Talent Team identifies a possible match for your job opportunities, we can recommend the candidate to you. You’ll be notified by email, then you can log in and find the candidates on your Dashboard or on your Pipelines page to review their LookSee profile.

LookSee Groups:

You can also do your own searches for candidates by using our LookSee Groups feature.

LookSee Groups are talent pools of candidates that have been through a two-step screening process by the LookSee Talent Team to ensure that they all have the relevant skills, experience and interest in moving to New Zealand. As part of this process, they complete an additional questionnaire specific to the group, and you’ll be able to view their answers to this questionnaire on their profile.

A group may be industry specific, based on a select skill-set or an individual employer’s needs.

Talk to us about getting set up with a membership for LookSee Groups today.

What information will I find on a LookSee candidate profile?

A LookSee candidate account includes the following:

  • Personal information
  • Work history & education
  • Skill ranking
  • CV / resume

Some profiles may also contain a personal video introduction. Should a profile not have a video, but you’d like to see one, the LookSee Talent Team can request this from the candidate.

What types of candidates are currently available in the database?

LookSee is for skilled, mid to senior level professionals with several years’ experience. We currently work with employers in New Zealand looking for specialists in industries such as IT, construction and engineering.

Can I just hire from a LookSee event week?

No, you can hire LookSee candidates at any time during the year!

We have never hired offshore before, how do we ensure commitment of the candidate?

All LookSee candidates get screened by our Talent Team before they get presented to employers. They complete in-depth profiles and questionnaires that help us to gauge their commitment, and this allows us to evaluate if they have been to New Zealand before, have family or friends here etc. Should there be any concern of commitment the LookSee Talent Team explore this further.

Commitment is also shown through attending a LookSee event due to the time and costs involved.

English language skills for candidates coming overseas are a concern of ours, what do you do to ensure competency?

English language skills are assessed in the two-step review process a candidate goes through. Should there be any concern, our Talent Team undertake calls with candidates to remove any doubt.

LookSee profiles also have an optional video that candidates upload with further information on themselves. Should any doubt surrounding English language skills be apparent, our Talent Team will also request they complete a video.

Can I choose which LookSee service offerings I use?

Yes, our Talent Team will alter the service offering based on what your individual needs are as a company. We can offer end-to-end recruitment services or unbundled services.

Immigration, what happens with the visas?

As part of the LookSee concierge services, our partners can assist candidates with visas and immigration advice.

Do I need to be an accredited employer?

You do not need to be an accredited employer to utilize LookSee services. Not being accredited will impact which visa your employees are eligible for.

How long does it take for an offshore candidate to arrive?

There is no set time for an offshore candidate to arrive in New Zealand. Factors such as visas will affect the timeframe. Average timeframes tend to be 8 – 12 weeks from offer to arrival.

Do you only work with offshore talent?

We predominantly work with offshore talent; however, we also have a growing database of onshore talent for employers to tap into.