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If you're an IT expert with a true passion and pride for what you create, this could be your ticket to the perfect job and lifestyle in New Zealand!

From Architects to Engineers, Developers to Product Owners, Propellerhead need talented software professionals to join their team in Auckland.

The LookSee Team and Propellerhead are strengthening their partnership by embarking on their fourth recruitment drive together. Many LookSee candidates saw success through the previous campaigns and have joined the Propellerhead team... now it's your turn.

Propellerhead would like to meet you in Europe in March 2020.

How it Works

By signing up with LookSee and creating a profile, you could have a new job with Propellerhead in New Zealand within months.


Express Interest

Sign up with a LookSee account below and complete your profile to submit it for review.

You'll need to upload a recent copy of your CV, along with fill out some basic details, work history, education and a profile questionnaire to help us get a better idea of what you're looking for.


Be Reviewed

After you've completed your profile, it will go through two stages of review before your profile is made visible to the Propellerhead team – the first review is a look at your profile to see if you’re generally the right fit, and the second review includes an additional questionnaire and optional profile video to get some final details.

You'll be notified by email regarding the outcome of each review, but please note that due to high volumes we will not be able to provide individual feedback if you are unsuccessful.



If our Talent Team think you make a good match for a role, we'll personally present your profile to the Propellerhead team for feedback. If they're interested, they'll get in touch with you to complete their initial pre-screening tests.

The pre-screening phase consists of the following tests:

  • Video Interview (answering a set of pre-recorded questions on video)
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Technical Assessment (if applicable)
  • Skype Interview

Attend an Interview

If you're successful throughout the pre-screening phase, Propellerhead will get in touch to schedule in a face-to-face interview. You must be able to pay your own travel costs to get to Europe or New Zealand for an interview.

Interview Schedule:

  • Europe - March 2020
  • New Zealand - Successful candidates can also interview in New Zealand at any time in 2019

Job Offers

If all goes well during your face-to-face interview, you'll be asked to provide at least two referees for reference checking, and evidence of qualifications. You may also be asked to agree to a background check, including a police and credit history check. After that, if everything checks out Propellerhead will contact you with a job offer!

Once you've been in your new job for 90 days, we'll also refund up to 400 NZD to cover the cost of travelling for interviews.

While the LookSee Team can offer you support and guidance, you must be prepared to cover any costs related to visas and relocation.

About Propellerhead

Propellerhead started in 2002 to change the way software services were delivered in New Zealand. Fast-forward a few years and they now work with some of our countries largest entities, building interesting and challenging technology, and helping to improve the lives of New Zealanders every day.

They are a leading Kiwi software-services company working with large clients such as Auckland Transport, New Zealand Rugby, Spark, Skinny and New Zealand Post, across a range of technologies.

They are freethinkers and innovators - priding themselves as a technology partner to their clients, questioning the status quo, and understanding that great people shine when given the freedom to lead and do the right thing. This means they offer a supportive culture based on openness, communication, collaboration and flexibility.


  • Developer-lead organisation
  • Interesting, diverse, commercially-minded projects for big clients
  • World-class colleagues
  • Equal opportunity workplace, free from discrimination
  • A culture of collaboration and learning
  • Plenty of office perks and beautifully designed offices in the heart of Auckland
  • Competitive salaries

Roles with Propellerhead

Service Owner / Solutions Architect

We're looking for a senior software developer strong in solution architecture design to join us in New Zealand. You'll work with a cross-functional team of senior developers and technical specialists to deliver new features and products for a portfolio of discerning clients.

We'd like you to bring technical vision and extensive experience to Propellerhead, helping us to continue producing software solutions in an agile, lean and evolutionary manner.

You’ll be adept at pivoting from big picture strategy to design and technical implementation, as the project requires. You'll set and advise on local or team-based standards for programming tools and techniques, including security and test automation guidelines, and the selection of appropriate development methods.

You will specify and design large or complex systems while providing advice, mentorship and assistance to less experienced colleagues. We’ll depend on your judgement, opinion and insights to ensure that early delivery and continuous improvement is possible.

Far from being a theorist, you will be contributing to code on a day-to-day basis. You'll be up with the play on emerging trends and be able to quickly prototype new ideas to judge their value.

  • Minimum 8 - 10 years development experience in multi-tier and distributed applications in Java or .NET. (If .NET, you will need to also demonstrate some Java experience)
  • Experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, ReactJS and AngularJS or similar front-end frameworks
  • Hands-on experience with designing solutions targeting cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS, including active participation in building CI/CD pipelines
  • Sufficiently technology agnostic to be able to draw from the best components or programming languages to deliver an outcome
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate and translate complex topics with clarity in different business circles, from a development team to a board of directors. This includes being able to present your designs using lightweight documentation and clear diagrams as well as providing verbal explanation
  • Experience achieving strategic objectives with lean product roadmaps
  • Career evidence of getting things done, staying organised, building rapport, and following through on work.

Senior / Expert Developer

We're looking for an experienced Senior Developer to join us. You'll work with a cross-functional team of expert developers and technical specialists to deliver value-driven solutions.

  • In-depth expertise developing scaleable web applications
  • Highly proficient in Java or alternatively, come from a strong .NET background with some Java experience
  • Experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS or similar front-end frameworks
  • Hands-on experience with deploying your solutions to cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS, including active participation in building CI/CD pipelines
  • Software design experience for architecture with highly inter-dependent features, balancing flexibility and a manageable level of complexity
  • You can produce clear and concise design documents
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills to translate between requirements and technical tasks
  • You will be used to using techniques such as user stories to express the work to be done as business outcomes
  • Your portfolio includes significant extension or adaptation of a current framework, integrating a major external library or multiple new subsystems
  • You are regarded as a valued advisor by previous clients, balancing technical excellence with commercial pragmatism

Senior UX/UI Designer

You’ll work closely with our clients and team to help turn ideas into elegant, usable web and mobile apps for a variety of interesting new products and features.

You'll lead user research, proposition testing, and quantitative analysis for these projects and will work with our existing small team of UX/UI designers and developers to design prototypes and interfaces.

  • Extensive experience in user research, proposition testing and quantitative analysis
  • Clearly demonstrable experience in designing mobile/web interfaces
  • Experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Vue or similar front-end frameworks preferred
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision or other visual design and wireframing tools
  • Demonstrated experience producing clear and concise design documents
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, up-to-date with the latest UI trends, techniques, and technologies
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively

Senior Front-End Developer

We're looking for an experienced Front-End Developer to join us in New Zealand. You'll work with a small, cross-functional team of senior developers and technical specialists to delivery new features and products for a portfolio of interesting clients.

You’ll have extensive front-end end experience, and it’s likely you’ll receive some exposure to Java or .NET, so backend experience is preferred (but not essential).

  • 5 - 12+ years experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, or similar front-end frameworks
  • Experience with Java and/or .NET preferred
  • Experience in delivering large-scale web applications
  • Proven UX ability, and experience with a range of UX and digital design tools
  • Are used to techniques such as user stories to express work to be done as business objectives
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Senior Business Analyst / Product Owner

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Business Analyst/Product Owner. You’ll work with our development teams to deliver new features and products for a portfolio of discerning clients.

Working in the capacity of Product Owner alongside both our commercial and technical team members, you'll nurture the goals, strategy and requirements of our clients' solutions from inception to delivery.

Define business requirements for the long-term roadmap of digital products, and facilitating the elaboration of requirement details for pending development sprints

Own and develop relationships with partner agencies, working with them to optimise and enhance their provision of services

Help design, document and maintain business processes, and communicate key insights and findings to project teams and clients

Delivering value will be critically important to you, and you'll have a natural affinity for finding ways to improve value for our clients, while maintaining commercial awareness

It is essential that you have worked in an agile development environment and are familiar with the development of user stories and/or other outcome-based methods for describing requirements

  • Comprehensive experience in business analysis and/or product ownership specifically for software development
  • Demonstratable experience writing user stories (examples in your application would be useful)
  • Demonstratable experience with the long-term development of product roadmaps
  • Demonstratable experience as a critical thinker, with the ability to devise alternative ways to achieving outcomes to the benefit of our clients
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills
  • Experience in leading client-facing requirements workshops, both pre and post sales
  • Experience with working with 3rd party UI/UX designers and integrating them into agile software delivery
  • Ability to work with complex organisations with several stakeholders at once, and have proven strategies for facilitating prioritisation of tasks

Senior Quality Analyst

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Quality Analyst to join us in New Zealand. You'll work with a cross-functional team of senior developers to deliver new features and products for a portfolio of discerning clients.

This role spans the traditional roles of Business Analyst and Software Tester, and rather than simply checking work that developers have completed, you'll understand software requirements, and will work alongside our developers, service owners, product owners, and also our clients to shepherd requirements from design and build to deployment.

You’ll be responsible for documenting the tests that the software will need to pass and helping developers to carry out manual tests and design automated tests.

  • Refining business requirements and specifying conditions of satisfaction
  • Performing Quality Assurance by designing and carrying out software tests
  • Ensuring user stories and all deliverables are completed
  • Leading manual test efforts and assisting with test automation
  • Managing the process of releasing changes

  • 7 - 12+ years' experience in similar roles
  • Agile development environment in Business/Systems Analysis or Quality Assurance and are familiar with the development of user stories and other outcome-based methods for describing requirements
  • The ability and commercial experience that enables you to describe what ‘done’ looks like, and proven experience in eliciting requirements
  • Technical troubleshooting including log file analysis and basic data analysis
  • Experience in designing test strategy and test plans based around acceptance criteria
  • Experience with working with clients on defining user stories and confirming acceptance criteria
  • Experience in analysing data to draw business-relevant conclusions and in data visualisation techniques and tools
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills

Senior Client Strategist

Propellerhead are a leading software-services company, designing, delivering and maintaining large-scale digital platforms. Our clients include Auckland Transport, New Zealand Rugby, SkyBus, Dimension GRC, Spark, ESR, Ministry of Education, New Zealand Post, and Auckland Museum.

Focusing on leanness and flexibility, the team you’ll join will be internally self-organising, allowing you to focus on managing work rather than people.

As our Senior Client Strategist, you'll lead our largest clients through their digital transformations.

You'll partner with key stakeholders to build technology strategies and delivery roadmaps, and as a perceptive and intuitive leader, you'll work to ensure trusted, long-lasting client partnerships are maintained.

  • Leading client engagement throughout design and delivery of enterprise-size software builds
  • Establishing and maintaining substantial, influential and trusted relationships with client senior management (CIO, CTO)
  • Coordinating and collaborating with multiple stakeholders (product owners, service owners and clients) to develop technology strategies and delivery roadmaps
  • Ensuring steady revenue streams

  • Working with organisations as they transform to Agile software delivery
  • Working with multiple stakeholders, and having proven strategies for prioritisation of tasks
  • Developing and maintaining senior-level client relationships
  • Working in a technology-focused environment and familiarity with software development
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ideally, you'll have familiarity with government or enterprise-size organisations
  • Ideally 7 - 10 years in the IT industry

Senior Developer

We're looking for an experienced Senior Developer to join us in New Zealand. You'll join a small, cross-functional team of senior developers and technical specialists to deliver new features and products for a portfolio of interesting clients.

The right person has core back-end experience in Java or .NET and recent front-end frameworks such as React.js or Vue.js).

  • 6 - 12+ years' experience in Software Developer roles building scalable web applications
  • 3 - 12+ years Java and/or .NET
  • Solid front-end experience - JavaScript and/or TypeScript with new front-end frameworks (React.js, Vue.js or similar)
  • Azure and/or AWS deployments, CI/CD pipelines
  • Demonstrable experience in software design for architecture with highly inter-dependant features
  • Are used to techniques such as user stories to express work to be done as business objectives
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Systems Reliability Engineer - SRE

We're looking for an experienced DevOps-practicing engineer to join our optimisation team.

You'll work alongside core development teams to design cloud deployment architectures on Azure and AWS, and will lead the provisioning of deployment environments, including all aspects of servers, services and networking. You'll also support existing operations, with a mandate for continuous improvement and the goal to create systems that are as "hands off" as possible.

Ensuring aspects of security, scalability, supportability and performance are implemented in solution architectures will be central to your role, and you'll carry out scheduled software releases in partnership with development teams where full automation has not yet been achieved.

  • Assist development teams to build continuous integration and deployment pipelines using toolsets selected for the particular technology stack.
  • Configure monitoring and alerting tools and integrate into support desk software.
  • Provide technical assistance to support ticket triaging and troubleshooting and designing and implementing proactive continuous improvement programmes for our solutions to minimise the occurrence of support issues.
  • Actively participate in the diagnosis and remedy of reactive support issues during business hours and on a shared on-call basis after hours.
  • Complete incident reports, including recommendations for ongoing mitigation. Implement mitigations in partnership with core development teams.
  • Document system architecture and configuration/deployment processes and proactively sharing technical knowledge with support developers across multiple teams.

  • Strong and proven experience in Microsoft Azure deployment architectures and Microsoft VSTS deployment pipelines
  • System admin of Linux and Windows-based cloud-based server environments
  • Implementation and configuration of relational and document (NoSQL) databases
  • Some working experience of developing distributed enterprise and web applications in Java and/or .NET
  • Proven scripting experience using PowerShell, Ruby, Groovy, python, shell or other common scripting languages
  • Provisioning and configuration of virtual networking
  • Familiarity with configuration of New Relic or similar monitoring framework, including building dashboards and alerting integration
  • Some experience with AWS and open source pipeline tools would be an advantage
  • Ability to easily switch context across different technologies and complex environments, and the ability to remain calm under the pressure of high-priority issue resolution scenarios.

Senior UX Researcher

We are looking for a capable individual to lead our User Experience Research. You’ll work with product and development teams, designers and clients to turn valuable user insights into working solutions.

  • Recommend and lead the most appropriate methodologies for generating user insights
  • Manage research projects to meet objectives and deliver on time and on budget
  • Present findings and recommendations and advise on design strategy
  • Identify, evaluate and implement new research methodologies and technologies

  • 6 - 12+ years as a UX practitioner
  • Extensive experience identifying user needs and problems through a variety of research methods
  • Excellent collaboration skills with stakeholders and product teams
  • Strong presentation skills with an ability to develop succinct and purposeful presentations.
  • Experience in designing interfaces and flows, rapid ideation, prototyping and validation.
  • Understanding of human centred design process and best practice UX techniques.
  • Sound knowledge of web and mobile interfaces

What New Zealand has to offer

New Zealand regularly ranks amongst the best countries to live in for a variety of reasons, including a high quality of life, family friendly lifestyle for migrants, gender equality, and a great work-life balance.

Auckland is probably the most popular place for people arriving from overseas to base themselves. There are more jobs in New Zealand’s biggest city so it’s a natural draw, but Auckland is about way more than just big city jobs. Auckland is an awesome place to live and one of the best waterfront cities in the world. With an abundance of beaches, amazing regional parks, awesome restaurants, great places to head out, theatres, hiking tracks, sports events and more, Auckland is a city with a lot to offer, making it one of the best places to live in the world.

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